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The question about fuel cells is

The answer is

“When will it become affordable?”


The fuel cell industry has been making steady progress over the last decade but the real price breakthrough has been elusive until now. By using oxygen in the fuel cell the entire system is simplified. The power output is doubled, shrinking the size and cost, pressurization and humidification are non-issues with related cost savings. In situations with poor air quality, the closed loop O2 stacks are immune to the pollution effects. The closed loop system is also more efficient in turning hydrogen into electricity.

In backup situations where occasional power is needed the reduced capital cost of the system makes the fuel cell competitive with battery backup solutions. Additionally, fuel cells can be sized to handle the required cooling load for telecom installations replacing diesel generators and a large portion of the battery bank. Fuel cells, with very low noise and vibration, can be placed where diesel generators cannot, like on building roof tops.

Fuel cells are now a competitive solution compared with typical battery and diesel backup.